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Funding your treatment

When you choose private hospital care, you’re choosing a convenient, fast and comfortable experience. Mr Kukreja provides a complete consultant-led service in state of the art private hospitals that contain advanced, state of the art technology in spacious and comfortable facilities.

As a private patient, you have two options to fund your care:

Self-pay – paying for your own treatment

Did you know you don’t need private medical insurance to be treated in a private hospital? Many patients are now choosing to pay for their own treatment, either because they prefer the benefits of using a private hospital or because they are choosing to avoid long NHS waiting lists. 

Paying for yourself is straightforward, and all hospitals now offer fixed prices for treatment, with clear, upfront and transparent pricing for any scans or tests you might need. 

Mr Kukreja’s consultation fees are:

  • Initial consultation – £220
  • Follow up consultation – £160
  • Rigid Sigmoidoscopy in clinic – £95

Mr Kukreja’s secretary can give you a guide price for any scans or tests you may need.

Once Mr Kukreja has confirmed the procedure you need, you’ll be sent a fixed price quote from the hospital where your surgery is being carried out. This will cover everything you need for treatment, with no hidden or unexpected costs.

Using your Private Medical Insurance

Mr Kukreja is approved by all major medical insurance companies and obtaining authorisation to see him should be straight-forward. Usually, your insurance company will want a referral from your GP or another consultant, but not always.

If you’d like to see Mr Kukreja, you should make that known to the person referring you, as well as stating your preference to your insurance company. It should be straightforward to obtain an authorisation code from them for an appointment. 

Mr Kukreja’s secretary can provide you with all the information you need on how to get an appointment and approval from your insurance company. 

If you need any scans, tests or a procedure, you’ll usually need to obtain further authorisation before proceeding. Again, this should be straightforward, but if you have any trouble, please contact Mr Kukreja’s secretary for help. 

You can contact Rosalind Lowe on 01474 526 652 or